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Since 2014 we have educated kids, teens and adults in the English language. We are also offering German as a second language. We are an American - German language school with native speaking trainers. Our goal is to educate you in the language in a fun and motivational way.

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Group or Private Tutoring

Language classes for occupational improvement. Our group setting will help to build self-confidence in the chosen language. We offer private English or German tutoring sessions tailor made for you.

Adult English Courses

Open English course. Every week we focus on a different aspect of English. You can enter our program at any time. In the course we concentrate on speaking and grammar to improve your business success.

Smart Start

Language courses for Kids starting at 6 years old. Development of the new vocabulary. Having fun with the language to build a solid foundation for years to come.

Smart Kids

For grades 2 to 4. Building on the English or German that they have already learned and expanding on that with games and fun activities.

Super Smart

English starting in the 5th grade – Supporting your kids during the first years of English in school. Speaking, reading and writing.

Smart Future

English for 10th grade – Emphasis on grammar and free speech. Lots of motivation, conversation and exchange in English.

Abitur English

Help with Abitur level English! Reading comprehension, writing, and speech. The course takes place once or twice a week for 1 hour.

Company Language Training

Language Zone Frankfurt

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We specialize in language training for corporate clients in English and German. We also offer cultural awareness training for several different countries and cultures.


Group English Courses

English for Learners on Level A2-B1.

Private tutoring in English or German

Flexible appointments upon request.

Adult English Courses

Join the class anytime.

Online Training

English or German. Flexible appointments upon request.

Smart Start

English for Kids 6+ years old.

Smart Kids

English 1st-4th grades.

Super Smart

English starting at the 5th grade 5.

Smart Future

English beginning in the 8th grade.


Rebates for Kids and Teens Courses:

10% sibling discount for second, third or more children joining.

5% discount for 3 month pre-payment.

Group courses and business- English courses for adults:

199€ for 10 hours.

60 min. class length. 1 hour per week.

Private tutoring in person and Online:

Price upon request.

Group courses for kids and teens.

56€ per Month, one time sign up fee 16€ and one time 9€ for materials.

All kids and teen course prices are calculated with holidays and breaks based on the Hessen school system schedule.


- New: Abitur English for 11th class and up.

- New: German as a second language.

- New: German as a second language for kids.

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